Fascinating Facts About Pearls

5 Things you might not know about Pearls.

They are made when an underwater grain enters a freshwater mussels shell. They are the only gem produced by a living creature, making them a truly natural jewel which will always remain unmatched to artificial processes.




The naturally occurring lines on a pearl are all unique, leaving each pearl with its own distinctive characteristics, these lines are sometimes called 'love lines'.




Pearls are the world's oldest gem and often called the 'Queen of Gems' dating back 4000 years. Chinese records suggest that pearls were the most prized possessions of royalty.




La Peregrina (Spanish for 'the incomparable') is one of the most famous pearls in the world. The 500-year old pearl is pear-shaped and the size of a large pigeon's egg. The previous owners include a Spanish King, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Elizabeth Taylor.


Source: Pursuitist 



The colour of the pearl is derived from the inside of the shell they are grown in, ranging from white to gold and even purple to black!



Neola Pearl Collection


Neola has just launched a new collection with pearls as the centrepiece. Pearls are renown for their classic and natural beauty. We have set them in a contemporary and modern way to offer an intriguing juxtaposition to the classic appeal of the pearls. You can find the Neola pearl collection if you click here. We hope you love our Designs.

Best Wishes,

Team Neola


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