We were just working on our Valentines newsletter and realised that none of us actually knew the story behind St. Valentines. We have embraced the day of romance to varying degrees without having any idea about the origin of this celebration. So we got curious and started to have a look and found many different explanations, adding to the mystery. We thought we share with you
our favourite legends, neither of them particularly romantic I’m afraid.
romantic gift idea for Valentine's day a lovely pink flower bouquet
Most sources agree that Valentines is derived from Christian and Roman traditions and there are at least three recognised saints with that name. One legend contends that St Valentine was a Roman priest in the 3rd century AD. During this time, the emperor Claudius II banned marriage, as he thought that single men made better soldiers. St Valentine realised the injustice and defied the decree and performed marriages in secret. Claudius II found out about Valentine’s secret arrangements and sentenced him to death.
romantic trip to Paris to Eiffel tower during Valentine's Day with pink flowers
Another story suggests that Valentine was sentenced to death for helping Christians escape the harsh Roman prisons. The imprisoned Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and on the day of his death, February 14th, he left her his final letter, signed “From your Valentine”. The story goes that Valentine himself sent the first Valentine card.
sweet and romantic gift for Valentine's day pink macaroons
Over centuries the 14th of February evolved into an occasion on which couples express their love for each other by gifting flowers, chocolates, jewellery and greetings cards. In Europe, Valentines keys would be gifted as a romantic symbol and invitation to “unlock the giver's heart”
Our Creative Director Andrea Hauer got carried away with the notion of love and has designed some pieces especially for St. Valentines.
"Love is in the air" - romantic silver bracelets
perfect gift for her silver love and heart bracelet for Valentine's day
"Together forever" - unity collection
romantic gold jewellery perfect gift for her with a lovely unity symbol for Valentine's day
romantic gold jewellery for her with lovely unity symbol for Valentine's day
"You are my superstar" - silver star necklaces
silver necklaces for layered look and perfect romantic gift for her for Valentine's day
 We wish you all a wonderful Valentine's day! 
A great occasion to remind us what it's all about... love.
With Love,
Team Neola x

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