We have recently seen an influx in star patterns which begs the question, when did they appear in fashion and why is it such a popular symbol? 
The trend accelerated towards the run up to New Years eve, becoming more popular since the anticipated Star Wars movie: "The Last Jedi" made an appearance. The actress Daisy Ridley wore a star themed dress to the premier. Star prints are now almost everywhere, from dresses and accessories to interior design. 


 A star symbolises luck, protection, guidance and security. In the past sailors used the compass as symbol to protect them on their journey and the North Star has been used as a navigational guide since the beginning of time. Our Star Necklace would be the perfect gift for a traveller or someone reaching a significant milestone in their life. 


             Its not only jewellery that has been inspired by the trend. Many fashion brands have used this trend within their latest collections. We are starry eyed for this fun, contrast jumper from The White Stuff. Gucci have also used this trend for their Cruise 2019 collection. This Navy Star Gown is an absolutely stunning use of the trend.  


Interior designers have also taken a shining to the luminous trend. This tiling by Popham Design caught our eye, it takes a modern and classy twist on an interior classic. We hope to see more of this trend coming through as we find it enjoyable and cant wait to see how other designers will apply this trend.