Neola exhibits in Münich at Inhorgenta

There is more to Münich than Lederhosen, beer, and Oktoberfest...
On a cold winter's day in February Neola went to exhibit at Inhorgenta, the grand jewellery trade show in Münich. We didn't go all alone,...
We exhibited together with 12 fellow designers as part of the British Pavilion. Every year the National Association of Jewellers selects a group of designers to represent the British jewellery industry at Inhorgenta.
The British Pavilion is set-up as an impressive joint stand and has everything in place you need for a show - tables, a safe, communication materials, and most important lots of coffee and sweets to keep us going. What a treat.
Anyone who has ever done a show will know how much work is involved in setting up a stand. Imagine what a joy it was,  just to rock up with my trolley, without having to worry about shipping and setting up the furniture. Travelling light and a stress free set-up is just such a delight....
The show was great. We met many customers, signed new German stockist, and connected with fellow designers.  The Germans really know how to pull off a trade show; beautifully designed stands, large numbers of industry people from allover the world, and well and let's not forget to mention the after parties.  
Every night we left our jewel behind in the safe and hit the dance floor. Needless to say we also enjoyed a glass of bubbly with newly found friends. 
Will we do the show again, you can bet your lederhosen,... to next year and more great memories,... 

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