About us


Welcome to Neola,

We are an independent British jewellery brand based in London. Our original designs are best known for their sculptural and architectural shapes. Influences from different art forms and cultures give the designs a powerful visual aesthetic that is unique and instantly recognisable. 

We create jewellery that offers you not only contemporary and minimalist designs, but also high-quality craftsmanship. You can enjoy high-end finishes and gemstones cuts often reserved to luxury jewellery. All our pieces are exquisitely handmade by skilled craftsmen using only precious metals and gemstones and freshwater pearls. All our pieces are either made from 18ct Gold Vermeil, which is a high quality gold plating on Sterling Silver or 925 Sterling Silver with a protective Rhodium plating. We apply a thick layer of min. 3 microns of gold to ensure longevity. We don't work with any base materials like brass and don't apply any flash plating.

We are an ethical and sustainable brand and apply strict fair-trade standards to the making of our jewellery pieces.  We are committed to the ethical sourcing of our raw materials and work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they adhere to our code of conduct. Our packing is eco friendly and made from recycled materials.

 Our Founder and Creative Director, Andrea Hauer, oversees the entire crafting of the jewellery pieces, from hand drawing the designs to creating wax models, all the way to hand selecting each gemstone.

We create jewellery without compromise. We are passionate about offering you beautiful pieces, which are made in a responsible way, accessible and wearable everyday. 

Our fashion forward designs have attitude and fine jewellery standards.

Escape the ordinary with Neola!