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Charleston Earrings

18ct Gold Vermeil Purple Amethyst

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Elegant and sophisticated earrings. The Art Deco earrings feature several gold chain tassels, which give the design a contemporary look & feel.

The distinctive design has an intriguing quality resulting from the freely moving gold tassels. The earrings are set in 18ct Gold Vermeil with natural multifaceted gemstones. The earrings come in a contrasting colour pallet of Black Onyx offset against a purple amethyst and multiple white topaz gemstones.

The earrings are 70mm long, feature each 12 strands of 50mm gold chains with a 12mmx10mm baguette cut semi-precious gemstone, 6 Black Onyx gemstones measuring 4mm and 4 White Topaz stones.

This original designer piece has been handmade and ethically produced by our artisan craftsmen using only the finest precious metals. We only use natural precious and semi precious stones that have been hand-selected by our designer. Each gemstone has it's unique colouring and texture, no piece is like any other.

Our jewellery comes presented in a branded Neola box.

18ct Gold Vermeil with Black Onyx and White Topaz gemstones - with a large baguette cut gemstone option:

Purple Amethyst (dark deep purple)

Green Onyx (dark opaque green)

Green Amethyst (clear pale green)

Rose De France Amethyst (clear pink)


18ct Gold Vermeil on sterling silver with natural gemstones.


Earrings Length: 70mm

Gold Chain Strands Length: 50mm

Large Baguette Gemstone: 12mm x 10m

Black Onyx Gemstone: 4mm x 1mm

Ring Size Guide

Our ring sizing guide will help you to find the perfect fit. There’s also a few points to consider:

  •  Your fingers expand when hot and contract when cold so measure in a median temperature.
  •  Rings with a wide band can feel tighter so you may want to order the next size up.
  •  If you’re ordering the ring as a gift for someone, try to borrow a ring from the preferred finger and use the chart below.
  •  Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; it should of course be snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.


Measuring the inside diameter of your ring:
This is one of the quickest ways to measure your ring size.

- Simply select one of your rings that properly fits the intended finger.
- Measure the INSIDE diameter of the ring.
- Match the measurement to the conversion chart below. If it falls between 2 sizes, we advise you to order the larger of the two sizes.
Please note: Rings with a wider band will normally feel a bit tighter than rings with a thin band. In these cases, we recommend buying half to a full size larger than your normal size.


- Wrap a narrow strip of paper or piece of string comfortably around your intended finger.
- Mark the end (where it meets) and measure the distance. This is the circumference.
- Match the measurement to the circumference column in the below conversion chart. If it falls between 2 sizes, we advise you to order the larger of the two sizes.


If you already know your ring size in a US or European size, then please see the above conversion chart to see what this would equate to in a UK size.


The best & easiest way to find out someone elses ring size is to borrow one of their rings, making sure it is from the correct finger, and use the above Ring Scale Chart or Conversion Chart to determine its size. 

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