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    Neola Pop-up store in Notting Hill

    Wed, Aug 17, 22
    Notting Hill Pop-up store - Neola Jewellery


    Thu, Jul 05, 18
    We have recently seen an influx in star patterns which begs the question, when did they appear in fashion and why is it such a popular symbol?  The trend accelerated towards the run up...


    Fri, Feb 09, 18
    We were just working on our Valentines newsletter and realised that none of us actually knew the story behind St. Valentines. We have embraced the day of romance to varying degrees without having any idea about the origin of this celebration. So we got curious and started to have a look and found many different explanations, adding to the mystery. We thought we share with you
    our favourite legends, neither of them particularly romantic I’m afraid.

    Spirit of Summer

    Tue, Oct 17, 17
    Spirit of Summer


    Highlights of Ludwig Beck

    Tue, Oct 17, 17
    Highlights of Ludwig Beck
    Neola was lucky enough to be invited to showcase at a very special event at Ludwig Beck, over a three-week period. Ludwig Beck is one of Munich's most renowned department...

    November Birthstones

    Tue, Oct 17, 17
    November Birthstones
    November Birthstones - Citrine Quartz and Topaz. As you might know, every month is associated with a particular gemstone, which is referred to as a birthstone. It is a common...

    Fascinating Facts About Pearls

    Wed, Oct 11, 17
    Fascinating Facts About Pearls
    5 Things you might not know about Pearls. They are made when an underwater grain enters a freshwater mussels shell. They are the only gem produced by a living creature, making them...

    Neola at House & Garden Festival / Spirit of Summer Fair

    Thu, Jul 06, 17
    Neola at House & Garden Festival  / Spirit of Summer Fair
     The ultimate hub for lifestyle inspiration and shopping!   Neola attended the Spirit of Summer Fair hosted by House & Garden to display the latest collection of fine jewellery. The...

    All Stacked Up.

    Thu, Jun 08, 17
    All Stacked Up - Neola British Fine Jewellery
    1 comment
    As seen by Fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, the actress Emma Watson or Chanel Haute Couture.   Stacking rings have been a leading jewellery trend for the past seasons and the...

    Jewellery Trends

    Wed, Jun 07, 17
    Jewellery Trend - Neola British Fine Jewellery
      With the Resort 2018 designer fashion shows having just taken place, everyone is keen to know what trends lie ahead for the coming year in the world of fashion...

    Spirit of Christmas in Olympia

    Thu, Jun 01, 17
    Spirit of Christmas Show 2016 in Olympia - Neola British Fine Jewellery
    Neola has returned to the Spirit of Christmas Fair in Olympia to showcase the latest fine jewellery collection between the 30th of October and 5th of November 2016. The Sprit shows are...

    Neola pop-up store in Notting Hill

    Fri, Apr 29, 16
    Neola Fine British Jewellery Fashion Show | Notting Hill Pop Up Store
    Neola pops again... Neola has organised another pop-up store on 201 Portobello Road, 4th-17th of April, our 10th pop-up venture. We just love being out and about in our favourite...

    Neola showcases at Scoop at the Saatchi Gallery

    Fri, Feb 26, 16
    Neola Fine British Jewellery Fashion Show | Scoop London
    London Fashion Week and Neola are coming to the Saatchi Gallery.... We were so thrilled to be part of Scoop, the trendy fashion and accessory show at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. ...

    Neola exhibits in Münich at Inhorgenta

    Fri, Feb 19, 16
    Neola Fine British Jewellery Fashion Show | Inhorgenta Munich
    There is more to Münich than Lederhosen, beer, and Oktoberfest... On a cold winter's day in February Neola went to exhibit at Inhorgenta, the grand jewellery trade show in Münich. We...


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